about opsforge

This is an open source foundation, focused on developing and combining technologies to enhance day to day operations in any IT ecosystem. While DevOps is a buzzword these days, the meaning is not completely lost here - opsforge strives to bring an enhanced operations experience to any team with a variety of free and community designed tools. The project follows the eat-your-own-dogfood belief, so all the tools brought to the table by it are actively used for its own development too.



ANViL is a containerized devops toolkit for portable workspaces and infrastructure-agnostic deployment. Imagine a virtual desktop environment packed with all your favourite services that can run on your machine just like it does in AWS, giving you a workstation experience that you can take anywhere and run on anything.

Dockerisation projects

Several open source solutions that can now run on docker as part of our containerisation work, ranging from niche things like legacy puppet 3.8 to community favourites like grav or splunk light

Contact Us

Feel free to email us or raise issues on our GitHub for support. Please note that we are currently in the progress in migrating our codebase from GitHub to GitLab, so keep checking back for updated links!